The Importance of Deep Cleaning Your Workspace

Posted on July 2nd, 2022.

Why should you deep clean?

Systematically deep cleaning your workspace is crucial for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant working environment. Deep cleaning helps control the spread of infections and viruses as well as keeping tabs on clutter and dust. A clean workspace will help motivate employees and help them feel happier about coming to work, especially where there has been an issue concerning illness or rodents.

How is deep cleaning different from regular cleaning?

A deep clean involves a more thorough cleaning procedure. Under ordinary circumstances a workspace cleaner is likely to maintain a relatively clean and tidy space with a basic cleaning routine; hoovering, dusting and light cleaning. A deep clean will see all the nooks and crannies, surfaces and corners in your workspace cleaned and sanitised. Traditionally, spring has always been a good time for clearing away the cobwebs and starting afresh, so what better time to get started?

What does an office deep clean involve?

From your light switches to your computer cables, a deep clean will see all surfaces in your workspace thoroughly sanitised. Leaving no stone (or desk) unturned, the deep clean program should work through your workspace, from the security keypad by the main entrance to the light switch in the cleaning cupboard.

Who should perform a workspace deep clean?

Traditionally, workspaces have been deep cleaned by specialist cleaning organisations, however it is possible to deep clean your office with your own team. At the end of this blog post you’ll find a handy checklist that puts tasks in the most efficient order, allowing you to work through your office space, ensuring a deep clean has been completed.

An alternative way to perform a workspace deep clean

Aside from traditional scrubbing and cleaning, there are new and innovative ways of performing a deep clean. One such method is called Fogging this is completed by a machine placed in room or area, and a very fine mist of sanitising substance is showered over the space. This lands on all surfaces and with it’s anti-bacterial properties, kills bacteria and viruses lurking on objects. This is a really quick way of sanitising a workspace.


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